A Complete Audio Engineer Training Course

Live Audio Engineer Training, Engineering Online

Mixcademy is a complete training course designed to teach you how to mix in a live environment. Whether you’re an experienced engineer who just wants to understand why certain things sound the way they do or you’re just starting out, Mixcademy will help your mixes sound better within days. Imagine being able to really understand how compressors, equalization, and the physics of sound really work and using this knowledge to help you create am amazing mix in whatever venue you work in.


Before Mixcademy, learning to mix audio was hard. The books available on live sound were written by engineers for engineers. We created Mixcademy to help solve these problems. Mixcademy is an online course that uses video, audio, text, and diagrams to help teach you the basic principles of live audio production. We understand that not everyone knows the difference between XLR and RCA connectors, and we intentionally write our curriculum to help fill in these gaps. Our curriculum offers training and tips for crafting the perfect mix, regardless of your experience level. Our goal is to help everyone make their band, house of worship, bar, club, or festival sound amazing.