Imagine: Consistently creating a great live mix regardless of the band, PA, or venue.

Mixcademy’s online trainings teach you how.

What do you get with Mixcademy?

In-depth Online Audio Training

Our online training is designed for all levels and skillsets. It will help you get a great sounding mix fast.

Access Anywhere

Access our training anywhere you have internet.

Mix Musically

Learn to craft an amazing musical mix.

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What Our Students Say:

“I just want to say thank you to Mixcademy for exposing me to deeper knowledge in sound. I just rounded Module 4 and it feels soo good.”

– Gabriel

Who is Mixcademy for?

Bars and Clubs

Learn how to EQ a system for a small bar or club.


Houses of Worship

Learn how to create an environment that leads people to worship.



Learn how to make your band sound amazing in any venue.


Touring Engineers

Learn the physics of sound and technical terms that are often confusing.

14-day money back guarantee

Here are just a few of the tips and tactics we’ll give you for free when you join Mixcademy.

  • How to make your drums sound HUGE – even in small venues on small PA systems.
  • Our secret compression tips to make vocals (especially female vocals) sound smooth as butter.
  • How to use mix busses to blend effects and get a full, natural sound.
  • The secrets to make electric guitars cut through the mix without being harsh.

How Can Mixcademy Help You Be a Better Audio Engineer?

I remember the first time I sat behind an engineer for one of my favorite bands. For years, I’d been struggling to get the right tones, the right mix, and the right “feel” to the music.

But listening to this mix was awesome. Everything just worked. It fit.

The vocals felt like they were coming right out of the middle of the music. The drums were crisp, full, and clear.

The bass was rich and buttery.

The guitars and keys just sang.

It was magical.

And at that moment, I knew I needed to be able to mix like that.

Ever since then, I’ve read every book, watched every YouTube video, tested every strategy, and shadowed every engineer I could find.

It took a while, but I soon loved the mixes I was able to create. I had begged, borrowed, and stole my way into great mixes.

After asking literally hundreds of questions to every engineer I respected, I had cracked the code.

And now, I’ve taken all that knowledge and distilled it into Mixcademy.

This isn’t a course for the faint of heart. We from first teach first principles (like the actual physics of sound and electricity).

Then we teach you how to use this knowledge to get full, powerful mixes.

So with Mixcademy, you can expect real, practical advice on how to create great mixes in any venue. We’ll teach you how to EQ drums, guitars, and bass to maximize tone.

By the end, I promise you’ll have better mixes. In fact, I’m so sure. I offer a full 100% refund if you’re not happy with the course. There’s literally zero risk.

I created the course I wish I would’ve had when I started out. And I’ve made it available to you. I hope you take advantage of it.

From One Engineer to Another,

Tyler @ Mixcademy.

The Mix of Your Dreams is in Reach. Are you ready to grab it?

14-day money back guarantee

About Your Instructor



I started working in production when I was 8 years old.

Our church had just purchased a brand new Gateway laptop and we used the 1998 version of PowerPoint. Within a year I had moved onto the mixing console. At first the seemingly endless number of knobs and buttons was intimidating, but soon I’d discovered that it wasn’t all that complex.

Since that time I’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world working with churches, businesses, and non-profits producing events on both the audio and video sides. I’ve worked for universities, been full-time staff at a mega-church, and have volunteered more times that I care to count.

At every organization there is always a lack of trained staff or volunteers. Those in charge are busy beyond belief trying to manage all the odds and ends. There isn’t time to give individuals the training they need to be able to succeed.

Mixcademy was born out of the hope that we could give staff and volunteers a foundation on which to begin understanding audio engineering and mixing. Although becoming an expert engineer (or an expert anything), takes years of skill and experience, Mixcademy is designed to jump-start this process. We cover all the foundational audio principles that one needs to begin contributing to a production team.

We have chapters on concepts audio engineering, signal flow, gain structure, as well as “softer” concepts such as dealing with artists and venues. We use a combination of video, audio, images, and text to help drive home key concepts.

We hope Mixcademy is a great resource for you and your team to help you serve your organization in a more effective manner. If you aren’t yet a member, feel free to give it a shot! We can’t wait to add you to our community.

Make your next mix amazing.

14-day money back guarantee